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Latest News – April 2016


In spite of severe drought conditions, during which time we had to import food as we did not harvest any maize to make silage, we have managed to get our game breeding herds through this difficult period successfully, and if anything, they look in better condition than they have ever been.

From October 2015 to now, we have had +-450mm of rain, which is 100mm more than our yearly average of 350mm.

Black Impala

Our two black Impala have been very busy during 2015. Our first black Impala calves will be born in December this year.


We did very well with the two Sable bulls sold last year. One of these breeding bulls measured 46 inches at five years old. We will sell another two bulls in May 2016.

We chose the two most promising-looking bulls and have put them in their own camps, this time with plastic pipes to protect their horns from being worn down before they are sold.

The disadvantage of doing this is that we can’t tell how much the horns have grown until we dart and measure them for the May sale. Our cross Zambian bulls progeny continue to impress and this year we will be able to compare them to those of our Matetsi bulls progeny.

It will be interesting to see how they compare. We have fifteen pregnant Sable about to calf in the next couple of months. To date, we have two calves, of which the sex is unknown.

We sold two Sable heifers in April last year for well above the average price. They were bought by a well-known game breeder and this year we will be selling 3 Sable heifers.

These two bulls were sold as stud bulls in May 2015.

These two bulls were sold as stud bulls in May 2015.





Livingstone Eland

I’m really excited about our Livingstone Eland and we  have some outstanding calves with well-defined stripes and facial chevrons.

We have just sold the young Eland bull mentioned in my article posted in November 2014. He is a beautiful animal and has 14 stripes, 12 of which are well defined. Our breeding bull has matured into a truly impressive animal.

We have therefore decided to pay more attention to our Livingstone Eland herd and do our best to improve on an already very good gene pool.


Eland Bull

Young Eland Bull





Nyala Bull

We sold ten ewes during 2015 and will be selling again in 2017.

We managed to buy a fine-looking 28-inch bull who has since grown to 29¾ inches when measured six months ago.

I’m sure that he would have reached the magical 30-inch mark by now.





The herd of buffalo now numbers 14 animals plus one newly born calf. The five other cows should all give birth within the next two months. We will be adding another three bull calves to the three bull calves which were put in a separate camp last year. Of interest is that the stud bull killed one of the four male calves late last year. The reason is still unknown – maybe he just got in the way at the feed bin?


Quality pregnant Buffalo heifers on Boesmanskraal

Our resident Buffalo Bull with Cow and Calf




Golden Wildebeest

Last year we had three Golden Wildebeest calves, and this year another 8 have been born. We will now sell the Wildebeest cows and keep the split cows for another year or two before switching to the golden variety completely. Some of the Golden Wildebeest will be on the market next year.



Split pregnant Golden Wildebeest Cows

Golden Wildebeest Bull





We hosted three groups of hunters from America – two groups from Montana and a family group from Baton Rouge.

All enjoyed very successful hunts and a good time was had by all. We have some really good Gemsbok (Oryx), Kudu and Sable bulls available for hunting this year.

The standard trophies hunted during 2015 included a 31-inch Waterbuck bull and a couple of very good Warthog. Also available in 2016 will be Waterbuck, Nyala, Zebra, Hartebeest, Impala and Warthog.


Magnificent Kudu Bull at Boesmanskraal
Photo taken March 2016


Impressive Impala Ram at Boesmanskraal
Photo taken March 2016


43” Gemsbok Bull hunted at Boesmanskraal


A magnificent trophy buffalo hunted at Boesmanskraal.
The Hunter from Canada used a 600 Nitro Express Double.





birdingThe birding continues to be really good recently. I spotted a Little Bee-eater and a Swallow-Tailed Bee-eater on the same branch.

I also saw a Greater Spotted Cuckoo in the garden. We have a pair of nesting secretary birds this year.



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